Dr. Abdol Chini receives commendation from CIB

Dr. Abdol Chini was recognized by the CIB Programme Committee for contributions in 2014.  Click CIB Recognition for further detail.


          3/11/2015 Wednesday Tampa 80th luncheon Jackson’s Bistro 3/18/2015 Wednesday Jacksonville 80th luncheon Haskell Dining Room 3/25/2015 Wednesday Atlanta 80th luncheon Buckhead Club Inc 5/6/2015 Wednesday […]

AIA Names Members of First Design and Health Research Consortium – UF is 1 of the 11 teams.

Focusing on building performance for occupant health, we have marshaled a team of University of Florida (UF) faculty and graduate students from DCP and the College of Public Health and […]


Dr. Ian Flood receives 2015 Computing in Civil Engineering Award

Congratulations to Dr. Ian Flood for being selected to receive the 2015 Computing in Civil Engineering Award.   The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Technical Council for Computing Practices and […]