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When did you last register?

  • Degree-seeking students not registered for two or more consecutive terms are required to submit a readmission application to UF Admissions. To remain an active UF student, you must register for a least one class every other semester.
    If you are unsure of your last registration date, please contact the FES Advisor at 352-273-1063.
  • Non-degree students must complete a certificate application each semester to register for a course.

New students will first be required to create a Gatorlink email account. To create the account you will need your UFID number. If you don’t know this number, contact the FES Advisor.

You are required to clear holds placed on your account each semester before your registration can be processed.

To clear your holds:

  • In your Student Self Service under My Record, click on Holds to clear each one. Holds can include emergency contact information, registration prep, current address, and others. If you have an immunization hold or an orientation/preview hold, contact the FES Advisor to get those cleared. All other holds can only be cleared by students.

To Register

In Summer 2015, new specialization tracks began being offered in Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management. Each track includes 7 specialization courses, 7 core courses required of everyone, and your choice of 6 elective courses.

Your 6 electives can be chosen from the list of electives or from any other specialization courses. Electives can be used to earn a certificate other than in your specialization.

New students must choose a specialization. Current students interested in pursuing a new specialization, please contact your FES Advisor before registering. Students nearing completion may wish to stay on their current curriculum in order to avoid taking additional required classes you would need to complete a specialization.

Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management Specializations

See the Curriculum Overview for the course descriptions and semesters they are offered.

See Certificates for information on the courses required for the EMS Management, Emergency Management, and Senior Fire Officer certificates.

  • Summer 2017 courses:

    FES 3015 Principles of Fire & Emerg Svcs Mgmt (univ writing requirement: core course all students)
    FES 3153 FES Communication & IT (core course all students)
    FES 3233 EMS Safety/Risk Management
    FES 3284 Management of EMS
    FES 3803 Multi-Agency Incident Command
    FES 4055 Public Information & Community Relations for Emerg Svcs (core course all students)
    EMS 4315 Analytical Approaches to EMS
    FFP 4507 Management of Fire Related Human Behavior
    FES 4585 Fire Prevention and Management
    FES 4820 Critical Incident Management for Emerg Managers
    FES 4825 Disaster Planning & Control (core course all students)
    EMS Management certificate – 3015, 3284, 3285, 3720 (or 3823 which it replaced), 4224
    Emergency Management certificate – 3533 or 4234, 3822, 4014, 4884, 4825 
    Senior Fire Officer certificate – 3533, 3720, 3780, 4003, 4023, 4045. These courses serve as partial
    fulfillment of the requirements for FOIII and FOIV certifications through the Florida Fire College.
    Note: 3823 does not substitute for 3720 required for the Florida Fire College FOIV certification.
    Fire & Emergency Services Management certificate – being phased out 
  • When you have determined the courses you would like to take this semester, send an email to the FES Advisor ( The subject of the email should be “FES Course Registration”. In the  body of the text you must include:
    Phone number
    Do not send UFID numbers in emails.
  • You must clear your holds before I can process your registration. Typical holds may include – emergency contact information, registration prep, and current address. If you have an immunization hold or an orientation/preview hold, contact the FES Advisor to get those cleared. Note that registration holds recur every semester, so you will need to clear your holds every semester you register.
  • The Registrar will enforce a late registration fee of $100 for students who register after May 5th. Please register early! Registration starts March 20th.
  • You will get course access when classes begin May 8th; semester ends August 4th. 
  • Your tuition payment is due May 19th by 3:30 PM. After that, the University Bursar enforces a late payment fee of $100. Contact the University Bursar if you have questions about your payment.

Course Access