Course Options

There are three ways the student can take the UF CCP course and obtain certification. They are as follows:

Live Course:

The live course is conducted twice a year, usually in June and December. The course is shift friendly as it runs on a 2-day on and 1-day off rotation. There are 16 days of class held over a 23-day span. The class begins at 0900 hours and will end around 1800 hours each day. Efforts are made to rotate the classes so that different shifts fall onto the scheduled days off. The UF CCP program is graded similar to a college course, as the student will have 3 exams, several quizzes, student packet assignment and a final exam. The course has a possible 1000 points and 700 points are required to pass.

Distance Learning Course:

The distance-learning course has a continuous matriculation. It takes up to 5 business days to obtain a UFID once the student registers for the course. The UFID is required to create a GatorLink account and access the course materials and lectures. The distance-learning course is divided into 3 modules. Each module has several lectures and quizzes that the student must complete before taking the module exam. The student has 8 weeks to complete each module and must score a 70% or higher in order to advance to the next module. If the student requires more than 8 weeks to complete the exam, a written request must be made to the instructor. The student is required to travel to Gainesville for 3-5 days to complete 12 Lead, labs and clinical rotations. The live requirements are as follows:

  • Day 1: Cadaver Lab and Clinical Skills Labs
  • Day 2: ICU Clinical Rotations
  • Day 3: ICU Clinical Rotations
  • Day 4: Bob Page 12 Lead EKG
  • Day 5: Bob Page Enhanced 12 Lead EKG and Capnography

The Bob Page 12 Lead and Capnography 2-day course is offered twice a year on the UF campus in conjunction with the live UF CCP courses. Additionally, the course is offered all over the country and the student may attend the course at any other location that may be convenient. However, the course must be the 2-day series and attendance during enrollment of the UF CCP is required.

The cadaver lab is offered at each live UF CCP course. Additional cadaver labs will be scheduled in-between on an as needed basis. Certification may be issued to the student who completes all other material prior to a scheduled cadaver lab and they may attend the next available lab.

Hybrid Course:

The student has the option to complete the course by completing material on line and in the live class. This option is available to those who cannot attend the live course in its entirety, but would like to have the opportunity to attend the days that comply with their schedule. The student should enroll under the distance learning option and contact the instructor with their desire to attend live lectures. The exam schedule will follow the distance-learning syllabus.

It is imperative that all students complete the pre-course pharmacology reading before beginning course material.